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Agneepath Scheme: What is Agneepath Scheme and who will become Agniveer?

Agneepath Scheme: What is Agneepath Scheme and who will become Agniveer?  – The biggest change has happened so far regarding recruitment in the Indian Army. Agniveer will now be recruited under the Agneepath scheme in the Army, Navy and Airforce. (Agneepath Scheme: What is Agneepath Scheme and who will become Agniveer?)These will be soldiers, but their rank will be different from the current rank and they will be called Agniveers. These Agniveers will be in the Army, Navy or Air Force for four years. Only a maximum of 25% of these Agniveers will be given a chance to become permanent at a later stage. The first recruitment rally will be held for recruitment in the army in 90 days. In the first phase, 40 thousand will be recruited for Army, 3 thousand for Navy and 3 thousand 500 Agniveers for Airforce.

British era system will end

Only those people, whose age is between 17 and a half years to 21 years, will be able to be engaged in the line of Agniveer recruitment. Their training will be done in the existing regimental training centers only. (Agneepath Scheme: What is Agneepath Scheme and who will become Agniveer?) For this, infrastructure is being increased in these centers. After recruitment, firefighters can be posted anywhere according to the need of the army. The recruitment of Agniveers in the Army will be done on the basis of All India All Classes. After recruitment, they can be sent to any regiment or unit of the army. Along with the Agneepath scheme, the regimental system in the Indian Army from the British era will also change. At present, youth of the same community are taken as soldiers in Sikh Regiment, Rajput Regiment, Maratha Regiment or Jat Regiment. Under the Agneepath scheme, the recruitment will be done on the basis of All India All Class. (Agneepath Scheme: What is Agneepath Scheme and who will become Agniveer?) On this, Army Chief General Manoj Pandey said that still all India is more or less all class. There is an All India All Class component in 75 percent of the units of the Army. The purpose of changing the regiment system is to widen the recruitment base. Youth from every corner of the country will be given opportunity.

Women will also become Agniveer in Navy

Women will also become Agniveer in Navy
Women will also become Agniveer in Navy

Under the Agneepath scheme, women in the Indian Navy will also be able to become Agniveer. Till now, in the Indian Navy, there are only women in the officer rank and only men in the sailor rank. With the announcement of the Agneepath scheme, Indian Navy Chief Admiral R Harikumar said that we will also include women sailors with the Agneepath scheme. The Navy Chief said that women officers have also been posted on board (in warships) for the last one and a half years. (Agneepath Scheme: What is Agneepath Scheme and who will become Agniveer?) We are gender neutral service and women will also be given opportunity under Agneepath.

Salary starts from 30 thousand

Agniveers will get a monthly salary of Rs 30,000 in the first year. 33 thousand in the second year, 36 thousand 500 rupees in the third year and 40 thousand rupees in the fourth year. Apart from salary, Risk and Hardship Allowance, Ration Allowance, Dress and Travel Allowance will be available. For specialized manpower, youth will be taken from ITI and other technical institutes. When soldiers come out on completion of four years, they will get service fund. In this, 30% amount will be deducted from salary every month and the same amount will be given by the government. In four years, this amount will become 11 lakh 70 thousand rupees. There will be no income tax in this. Agniveer will have a life insurance cover of Rs 48 lakh. For this they will not have to contribute from their salary. Apart from the life insurance cover, in case of death during service, ex-gratia of Rs 44 lakh will also be available, along with the salary for the remaining service and part of the service fund for that time. If you are out of service due to disability, then there will be a provision of one time financial assistance on the basis of disability.

No pension, no benefit of ex service man

When Agniveer is out after completing four years of service, he will not be entitled to any pension or gratuity. They will be given skill training during the service. After four years all Agniveers will be out. Then a maximum of 25% of these will be given a chance to join the army as a regular cadre i.e. as a permanent one. How much percent it will be, it will depend on the requirement of the army. In such a situation, the question is arising that why the youth will become Agniveer? In response to this, the Air Force Chief said that even today after 12th, youth either take skill training or take higher education or find jobs. We are giving all three opportunities to the youth at once. They will get good salary, good bank balance in four years. Along with this, skill training will also be given to them. They will get credit points for the formal training given to them under the National Education Policy. From that they can take higher education after four years. He will go out in the army for four years with more confidence.

Government said game changer, but questions are being raised

The government called the Agneepath scheme a game changer. Along with Defense Minister Rajnath Singh, Army, Navy and Air Force Chief also said that this will enable the Army to better deal with the challenges of the future. The average age of soldiers in the Army at present is 32 years. After the arrival of Agniveers, the average age will be 26 years in 6-7 years and the army will be more young and fit. Young people will quickly learn the technology that is changing every day. Defense Minister Rajnath Singh said that a historic plan named Agneepath has been brought to make the Indian Army the best army in the world. He said that the youth would learn new technology quickly and their fitness level would also be good. This will increase employment opportunities. The Indian economy will also get a higher skilled workforce.

However, many questions are also being raised about Agneepath. Major General (Retd) Yash More said that it is unfortunate that the country has started looking at recruitment in the army from the point of view of saving money. Them

Said that out of Agniveer, which 25% will be permanent, how will they be judged because four years time is too short to judge their skills. No one can give them any specialized training in such a short time. Four years later, many young people will roam the streets dissatisfied. Also, it will have a negative effect on the army. Agniveer will be seen with a different eye. Can you give them secret duties, can you give them confidential tasks? How will he know that when he goes out after four years, he will not take the data with him? What will be their loyalty when they know they are kicking out after four years? This is not good from the point of view of security and enthusiasm of the army. He said that what will you do in the specialized units of Armored, Mechanized Infantry, Signal, Air Defense of the Army because any kind of specialization takes 7-8 years. He said that the biggest question is that the youth who were waiting for two years, the youth who were waiting for the examination after passing the medical and physical tests, it has not gone well with them. what will they do? Major General (Retd) Birender Dhanoa tweeted that the service period in the new scheme should be at least seven years and at least 50% of them should be permanent.

Is the objective to reduce expenses?

A major part of the defense budget is spent on pensions. Therefore, there was discussion many times in the ministry that the expenditure of pension should be reduced and that money can be used in the modernization of the army. However, on asking Rajnath Singh how much savings would be made by implementing the Agneepath scheme, he said that we are ready to spend as much as the Armed Forces need.

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