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Shame- the lowest vibration

Shame- the lowest vibration

Shame meaning:

Shame is a state of consciousness when one feels something exactly similar to the physical pain usually felt in the stomach.

It pops out as if you indulged yourself in an activity that is dishonourable and ridiculous and you desire to vanish into the ground to avoid the discomfort arising out of it.

When a person regrets some aspect of his existence, suppose you have treated someone in a manner you dislike and as a person feel bad about it, you are in the state of shame.

Is shame a public phenomenon?  It is debatable as it can also be felt privately. Shame body exist as independent entity and become active under certain circumstances.

Shame is about feeling bad, feeling bad means giving way to the thoughts that would bring undesired results. Nobody who is in control and in his right mind proposes to initiate a process leading to his ruin.

Shame and its vibration

We are not specifically interested in shame and other dynamics related to it. The vibration, our body experiences while experiencing the emotion is the point of our focus. Shame is the lowest vibration and it put us in a completely passive mode.

We feel as if somebody has sapped us off all the energy we have. No human activity is preferred under the influence of this state. Almost everybody is aware of the trauma of finding himself naked in the full public glare and the pain attached to it.

Adam and Eve experienced shame when they found themselves naked in the forest and they covered their genitals with leaves. They have been naked all this while but after disobeying God and eating the fruit of knowledge, they for the first time found themselves naked and ashamed.

Importance of acceptance of God’s will is again underlined. Disobedience is the cause of every disgrace and shame.

Disobedience is the severance of string that connects us to the paranormal. Whenever the human race kneels and surrenders to the lower instincts and ignores the commandment from its higher self it resorts to disobedience. 

No doubt, acceptance represents way higher vibration, which overrules the lower vibrations of shame, guilt apathy, grief, Fear, desire, anger and pride.

Shame has both external and internal connotation attached to it. One feels ashamed internally but dishonoured externally. These are the two different aspects of the same events so typecasting it in any way is injudicious.

A sophisticated tool-Mind

The mind is an instrument that reflects the vibration governing it, higher or lower, its job is to translate them into thoughts. When connected with the universe, the higher-order, it functions differently and when connected with ‘the petty’ it is bound to act in a different way.

Most of the human beings are propelled by a force which is their mind hashed by a collective psyche depending on the culture he is living in. Learned aped behavior patterns, borrowed thoughts established as social norms are the hardwired programs that run humanity.

In other words, we all are possessed. In this insane world when some person got enlightened and seems to speak beyond the clutches of those hard-wired programs we herd together and crucify him or burn him at stake.

Shame is one of that programs installed during human evolution may be to create social cohesion and to make better connections and norms among people.

Emotions are the body’s reaction to the mind. When we feel threatened, our bodies cringe. That is the outward expression of fear at a physical level. Emotions are so powerful that they control even secretion of chemicals in our body. 

Sometimes there is a visible struggle in the mind regarding a particular decision. Mind concludes a resolution that body resists vehemently, it is quite apparent, and you can feel it. In such cases, mind or thoughts are the lies and emotions are the larger picture of your relative truth. Mind you, that is not the ultimate truth either, only the emotions are far deeper than the thoughts.

Concept of vibration and shame

Concept of vibration regarding shame is still a mind activity. All concept formulation, judging, analyzing, comparing, classifying are the faculties of the brain.  The mind has set patterns of working, as it is a machine only a sophisticated one.

Certain situations trigger shame. It is just a program that makes you feel insufficient and unworthy. You cannot remove a concept with the help of another concept. As they call it Maya in spiritualism, it is all your creation. 

It is because you severed connections with the consciousness and strongly identify with thought. So much so that you consider you are the thoughts and emotions.

If we allow the conceptual identity defines us we are in the grip of lower vibrations and as we climb up the ladder, the grip slackens gradually. 

Darkness is only the absence of light. You cannot fight and throw the darkness out of your room however hard you may try. You cannot pack the darkness in sacks and shift it elsewhere. The only way to combat the darkness is to light the candle.

Awareness of Shame and connected thoughts

Pitching yourself against a fake enemy would only strengthen the invented image of an enemy. Be aware of the shame and connected thoughts. Do not identify with them. Be present, as the presence, holds the power to dissolve whatever is unreal.

Do not let the emotion whirlwind you in them and absorb you completely. It is not easy in the beginning but the practice would enable you to be present in the worst of the situations. Awareness of your thoughts separates you from your thoughts.  The real I would see the drama of thoughts orchestrated in the space of mind.  It recognizes the role of different thoughts and liberates human soul from their clutches.

Being in the state of a witness when you are not directly involved with the happening isolates them. They no more remain in power as their power originates from you, they are power full because you are identified with them in the spur of the moment you become that moment you forget that you are timeless presence you severe all your connections with the vast and become mundane.

When the ocean forgets its depths and begins identifying with the tides, tides take over and begin splashing higher and higher, higher the tide is more difficult it is to detach it but after all tide is tide it can never become ocean however hard it may try.

The solution is the awareness of depths solution is in the deep observation of defined pseudo-reality as once observed it transform into intense presence and duality dissolve there.

Limitation of concepts

 Concepts define and definitions have their use and abuse.  A word (Shame) supported by a concept that is capable enough to suck you in a bottomless abyss of negative emotions and deprive you off all the energy you have.

We learn about the world around through words and concepts. The words connected with the help of certain grammatical rules make sentences and a logical conclusion turns them into concepts.

This is our way of understanding reality. Our memory store these words and concepts.  Eventually, we identify with them so closely that we do not even bother about reality.

A flower becomes a mere word for you. There is no water in the word water and has no capacity to quench the thirst. The words and concepts run our life. They are not mere concepts but installed programs to control and abuse.

They make a slave out of you they run your lives and you keep on thinking as if you are at the steering wheel. A concept is a device an attempt to squeeze you in a mould so that you do not prove to be a misfit in the society.

They are useful as long as we do not draw our sense of identity out of them. The moment we identify with them they start pulling the strings. The existence of the ego depends on the continuity of thoughts. Presence breaks the chain of that continuity and librates you into completely unknown vista.

Shame is just another concept. Some concepts make you feel good and some bad. Some lower your vibrations while others raise them.

One thing is crystal clear from the discussion that as we go up the ladder in vibration map,  mind and concepts lose their power and something paranormal occurs which is beyond all explanation. The urge for explanations itself goes at that stage.

The mind loves challenges.  It always looks for the solution to the problems. It loves to sit on the pedestal and preach discourses. It seeks attention and pampering to continue its existence. It requires problems to solve. It is the curator of your Ego your false borrowed identity. You look at the world through the screen of its learned concepts. 


Shame is a concept learned and taught to instill some virtues and values useful to live in society. Nevertheless, its impact is disastrous for the human soul. Human evolution is going through such an era where it needs to reevaluate the concepts and emotion that come in the way of its growth and enlightenment.

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