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Top Ingredients Magnetic Personality

Top Ingredients Magnetic Personality
Ingredients Of A Magnetic Personality

Ingredients of a magnetic personality might be in demand widely but requires fundamental shift in levels of conciousness. How to be Magnetic is all about the basic instinct if you allow me to put it little crudely, We accomplish nothing on the planet earth without eating and f*******. The problem is that with the refinement and sophistication of civilization the mating behaviour got little complicated and so is the cuisine. Allow me to exaggerate a little, the whole tightly woven and embroidered fabric of society achieve these two fundamental intents. Dating and relationship advice, dating and relationship apps, Dating and relationship coaches, Taste buds titillating recipe, Hue and cry about nutritious diet, fulltime working dieticians with a never-ending list of do’s and don’ts display nothing but refined endeavours to satisfy these two basic instincts “How do you get a magnetic personality and tasty food. As food is not the focus of this post we are going to concentrate on “what does having a magnetic personality mean” and “how do you develop a unique personality.”

ingredients of a magnetic personality

What does having an unusual magnetic personality mean?

Men are from Mars & Women from Venus. Stereotyped, domineering, alpha males projecting imaginary macho images and shy, submissive females portraying certain pretended fiery traits falsify reality enormously with blurred images of a utopian world. Men are from Mars and women are from Venus no wonder they act differently when it comes to choosing a mate. Sometimes I wonder whether any such finger holding is required to quench the thirst which nature ingrained so meticulously in every fibre of our being. Do fish need to learn swimming? Manipulative women exhibit comparatively dexterous Venusians art through innumerable intricate strategies. However, men need to learn ropes to tackle female hypergamy. Same is the case with women, as changing social situations transformed men little more complicated. Rare magic formulas revealed here will turn you into an expert possessing awesome confidence level bubbling with energy resulting in life-changing enlightening experiences. A refined, tested game under the belt skyrocket Your self-worth never witnessed before.

Thoughts and energy level shifts for magnetic personality

We need to change the mindset. Energy orientation of your body and soul urges some very basic shifts. Get ready to topple yourself by pulling your own bootstraps. It converts you into a magnet, awakening you to become conscious of certain traits which makes you irresistible. You have to ‘be’ before you do and you can do only up to the extent you ‘are’. It’s not as easy as it seems to be but at the same time not as difficult as you perceive it to be. 

Behaviour patterns and attitude

We entertain certain thoughts repeatedly that cultivate habits and behavioristic patterns. We subconsciously react according to these endeared encrypted patterns called our attitude. Your behaviour is almost automatic and so are the outcomes. You designed it yourself, of course, however unconsciously but now you are a mere slave to it. We need to delve deep in our personality to give it big shakeup and overhaul to equip it with certain traits to master success formulas.

Attitude of plenty and magnetic personlity

As mentioned above, Attitude plays an important role. What that Attitude is? The ‘Attitude of plenty’ the mindset of relaxed, comfortable vibrations you emit as you lull the caution of those around you and make them more receptive. Before discussing the actual real abundance attitude let’s talk about the contrary approach that usually the guys get trapped into and mess thing up. I used the words ‘get trapped into’ because these thought patterns get executed automatically like computer programs and spoil the game.

The thoughts of misery

The trail goes back to the ancient period when human being lived in a hostile world in the forests and fear played a pivotal role in survival. Now the human civilization came a long way out of that forest but those survival instincts still inspire our behaviour. Still, the thoughts of scarcity instil fear that drives our actions. When the fear drives you to dwell in your head, immersed in the anxious contemplation of red signals, imagining bleak scenarios and lining up all the perceived negative aspects of your personality to convince you why you would be rejected. You forge failure with all the resources at your disposal instead of utilizing them in your favour. 

Take the control in your hands

You are the most powerful creator on the earth and you create thoughts and these thoughts ultimately become reality. When you think you create your reality. The thoughts of deficiency, envy, neediness rob you off one important state that is ‘being grateful’. You can never remain in the blissful state of gratitude while being envious towards somebody or needing something badly. Most of our endeavours fell flat as a result of it and we endure the outcome we never desired. Miserable, scarcity mentality often exhibits itself as over-thinking or over-analyzing.

Avoiding needy behaviour

The thoughts of misery would bring only misery. The mindset of lack, anticipating rejection goaded by fear is a sure shot formula for failure. The person with a scarcity mindset never exhibits a generous demeanour as he always dwells in a state of insecurity and anxiety. Every approaching person intends to deprive him of his entitlement. The person with such mentality deserves rejection as a matter of rule. Those deeply encrypted behaviour patterns motivated by fear and scarcity mentality points to a dead-end of failure.

Situations are temporary

Another culprit to blame is the belief in the status quo. Situations pose as a solid roadblock their stability remains undisputed and unquestioned as if they are unalterable and beyond any scope of improvement. This misplaced belief leads to inaction and lackadaisical attitude which result in further strengthening of the idea that situations are permanent. You are the master of your destiny the captain of your ship, set the sails, keep your souls destination in view and the whole universe would start conspiring to grant your wish. Confidence improves with each ‘know-how’ and works as a supernatural potion. Only stay tuned and check our post regularly and your game is certainly going to have a shot in the arm. Confidence plays a crucial role when you intend to lure a woman into a relationship or even one-night stand. 

What is the solution?

The solution entails the cultivation of a mindset – mindset of plenty. when you’ve got plenty you stay grateful and it’s a state of bliss, abundance. The state of gratitude draws the desired things, situations and persons towards you. You are going to learn a way of living that would lead you towards abundance. The abundance of all sorts. As far as the game is concerned unmatched formulas are going to be shared here. Stay tuned to experience some fundamental shift in your energy levels to turn you into a dynamic magnet. 

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