Is the undefeated Utah Jazz too good to tank?

The NBA season is in full swing

Even if they pick second, Henderson is one of the best point guard prospects we've seen in a long time, further proving the importance of finishing near the bottom of the league.

The Utah Jazz are too talented to successfully build a tank right now

The Jazz, with the San Antonio Spurs after the DeJonte Murray trade, the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Indiana Pacers all appear to be top contenders for the coveted pick.

they may not have the best odds based on their roster and games thus far

The players they got back from their various trades are still good seasoned talent, along with the players they've kept on their roster so far

A young and productive defender and rebounder, Jared Vanderbilt is someone a playoff team would love.

Meanwhile, the Spurs are made up entirely of young talent, while the Thunder have already shut down their first pick of the season