Miles Turner: Lakers Should Keep A Close Eye On Potential Trades With Pacers

Although the Los Angeles Lakers and Indiana 

Pacers withdrew from trade talks shortly before training camp

involving Russell Westbrook and Indiana for draft capital Miles 

Turner and Buddy Heald, the Pacers Center says it's a deal. It may be worth investigating.

Turner responded to a question about a potential trade with Adrian 

Wojnarowski as a guest on ESPN's "The Woz Pod," saying, "If I'm the Lakers, I'll keep a close eye on it .

with your position. " , "I know what I can bring to a team: my leadership, 

my shot-blocking, my 3-point shooting ability and my ability to make plays on the floor

"And I watch it very carefully. But as far as pulling the trigger is concerned,

I get paid to shoot. I don't get paid to make these calls, so I couldn't answer it."